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Mini First Aid Kit NO Hands Carry Hang on Waist FDA OSHA Small Great Compact First Aid Kit in Emergency for Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking Backpack Biking Travel Sports Car Home Workplace Hunting

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✓ CAMO & NO HANDS CARRY: Camo first aid kit, it is in a hand free design (size 7.1 x 2.0 x 4.7"), with strong velcro strap on the backside to wear on the waist wherever you can carry it to let your hands free. The fashion camo first aid kit is cool and fashion match what you equipped for travel, hiking, marine, camping etc outdoor than regular red emergency color.
✓ FDA & OSHA APPROVED: All medical items inside are approved by FDA and the first aid kit is manufactured in OSHA standard. It is a basic medical kit used widely for emergency first aid for adults and kids. It contains first aid supplies such as alcohol pads, elastic bandage, triangular bandage, medical tape, ice pack, exam glove, Q-tips, safety pins, tourniquet, and scissors etc essential items for minor wounds.
✓ SMALL SAVE SPACE, COMPACT: First aid kit can be stuck into handbag, pocket, purse, backpack, car, auto, truck, boat, yacht, jeep, bike, motorcycle and the medical kit can be hang on the wall by loop on the kit top. You do need such a small first aid kit red cross to leave your luggage for others.
✓ OUTDOOR, SURVIVAL, TRAVEL, HIKING, CAMPING FIRST AID KIT: Except as a high quality medical kit, the lightweight small compact first aid kit is flexible for camping and hiking etc outdoor activities as also it contains emergency blanket and hand crank power light for survival.
✓ ALWAYS READY: Emergency happened everywhere. Whenever make sure you have such a first aid kit or family, home, hurricanes, workplace, school, university, pools, church. To let the medical kit go with tactical preparedness, survival tools for outdoor wilderness adventures as camping and hiking, boy scouts, fishing, hunting, backpacking, sports, boating or mountain biking. You also to have the medical kit go with professional emergency equipment for earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, or power outages etc disaster.

✓ Item Weight: 0.77pounds
✓ Package Dimensions; 7.1 x 2 x 4.7 inches
It is a leading manufacturer certificated with FDA, OSHA provides high quality customized first aid kit for medical , survival, emergency etc
First aid kit for camping and hiking in cool camo style.
First aid kit can be attached strongly on the waist taking up no room and saves time to first aid when emergency happened.
First aid kit contains most of what you will need for variety emergency outdoor car travel sports etc. It is in perfect size.
Our first aid kit is very competitive but unique design for long-term market.
Our first aid kit is made by good material durable, water resistant. And good handwork of stitching and sewing to make the first aid kit bag in good solid shape. Long and strong attach on the waist when you are in sports or outdoor activities. FDA approved medical kit combined with useful survival items too.
- 2 x Elastic Bandage (2" x 177")
- 1 x Nonwoven Medical tape (0.49" x 197")
- 15 x Band aid (0.75" x 2.83")
- 4 x Alcohol pre pad (2" x 2")
- 5 x Cotton applicator (3.15")
- 5 x Safety pin (1.5")
- 1 x Instant cold pack (0.22lb)
- 1 x Scissor (5.7")
- 3 x Sterile gauze pad (2" x 2")
- 1 x Disposable Glove (Large size)
- 1 x Triangular Bandage (38" x 38" x 54")
- 1 x Tourniquet (1" x 18")
- 1 x Emergency blanket (sliver 51" x 83")
- 1 x Emergency flashlight
- 1 x Metal tweezer (3.54")
Appreciate to choose our first aid kit! With the first aid kit whenever emergency happened you are prepared.

We are looking for distributors worldwide!                                                     
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