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British Wei pants Eighteenth generation strengthen men's underwear penis and testes separation for pants

Bullet Point
✓ To make men more healthy
- 16 teeth space magnet with magnetic force lines will continue to massage the prostate, to clear the blood, lesions in the body's blood trash entirely out of the body. Healthy men need to be strong and power! Wear the pants, do a healthy man.
✓ Wearing more comfortable
- Massage fiber to create a three-dimensional space design, massage more comfortable, more reasonable space, more breathable, heat, moisture, so that men, the scrotum free breathing"
✓ High-tech space magnetic fabric
- British space magnetic fabric. The space magnetic fabric by bamboo carbon fiber coated nanometer space magnetic line with far infrared, silver ions, negative ions fiber spiral woven, space magnetic field lines magic with super penetration, directly through the prostate capsule, stimulate testicular hormone secretion, accelerate the growth, increased the length and diameter of and fundamentally strong men, so men more strong stronger and more durable.
✓ Safety and no side effect
- No injections, no medicine, no surgery, no side effects. Whether you are impotence, premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction! Or backache, weakness, fatigue! Can immediately wear, effective immediately!
✓ The price is moderate, the average person can afford to get the news.

British Wei  pants :(The style: The penis and testes separation for pants)
✓ The current international health care market, the British wei pants called international well-known brand products in the major suit, not only has been strongly recommended to the international medical community, but also by the majority of consumers in Europe and the United States, Britain, FDA and other international authoritative institutions have issued its certificate
✓ How do British Wei pants? It is understood that, as a new type of male health products, the British wei pants in the ability to enhance the effect of increasing the penis is not only safe and scientific, but also more innovative results. British Wei pants for the body of the main components is from a magnetic health care, is the main material: silver ion anti-bacterial fabric - commonly known as modal fabric, the main effects of imported magnetic fabric, tourmaline is: population regulation in temperature of the scrotum, keep constant temperature, arrival of spermatogenic Yangjing, deodorization, dehumidification effect for prostate inflammation, premature ejaculation, wrapping, backache, etc.. The effect is obvious, the pure physical curative effect, safe and reliable.
Magic massage modal fiber, hexagonal diamond weave, multiple decomposition pressure, underwear to achieve 360 degree equilibrium pressure release, like a pair of hands in the crotch to do massage, pleasure arise spontaneously, very comfortable!!
✓ Three-dimensional free "breathing"
✓ Three dimensional space design, subversion of the traditional wet and humid structure layout, to avoid the extrusion of the parts of the scrotum, and so on, so as to expand the space for the two time, so that the privacy of men can be free to breathe, let a man, big!
✓ British wei pants
- Short, kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, low libido, its development slow lead to dysplasia, erectile impotence, ejaculation strength weak, prostate hyperplasia hypertrophy induced testicular swelling, lower abdomen distention, urinary frequency, urgency, scrotal moisture, backache, spermatorrhea, oligospermia, sexual intercourse fatigue, senile atrophy caused by atrophy, libido, erectile difficulties, due to the cause of diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, trauma, and sexual dysfunction.
- Summer perspires much, ordinary underwear not air permeability and moisture absorption, but also easy to le crotch, one day down, wet, have peculiar smell, stick on the body indescribably afflictive, but also easy to breed bacteria, leading to a series of disease risks. The British wei pants, the use of high-tech space magnetic fabric, adding magnetic massage fiber, underwear to achieve 360 degrees balanced release pressure, can effectively adjust the scrotum temperature, constant temperature 35 degrees, wearing more comfortable, more healthy.
✓ Wear a week para fever, swollen feeling, the impulse of, glans is numb hot feeling, obstruction of urinary tract, hot and humid, reduce swelling, underwear dry and comfortable.
✓ Wear elongation was obviously feeling for three weeks, body more energy and sex strong more durable, swell feeling is very strong, has long plagued the Yaoxisuanruan fatigue disappeared, endurance.
✓ Wear fifteen weeks have been able to see the effect of growth, about 1-2 cm growth, the relative before the obvious change, the expansion of strong, strong sense of holding, endurance, lasting power, strong, strong, strong, strong, and back to the feeling of youth.
✓ Wear thirty weeks of impotence, premature ejaculation and so on symptoms completely disappeared, the average growth of 4-5 cm, an increase of 1-2 cm in diameter, so that the real success of the big man, full of energy and vitality, men are particularly confident.
✓ Young men in Britain.
- The blood circulation of the penis, the penis is accelerated, stimulating the secretion of male hormone, promoting the development of the sex organs, and enhancing the endurance of the long time. The whole body is full of the strength, every night will sprint to the end!"
✓ Middle aged people wear the British wei pants
- Promote circulation, enhance the oxygen content in the lower part of the body cells, kidney power greatly enhanced, strong waist, energetic, ferocious! "Wearing" British Wei pants ", limb weakness, fatigue, dizziness and other disappear, the waist is strong, strong motion is not tired, in bed more passion!"
✓ Old men wear the British wei pants
- Thoroughly cure prostate gland, dredge blood, exclusion, gland shrinkage, frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water is waiting to disappear, than the previous energetic! "No longer backache leg soft, feeling back to 25 years old, every day face glowing with health, energetic, prostatitis thoroughly good, don't get up in the night to urinate, Anne Anne firmly shut eye to dawn!"

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